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"After a gig, I just want to get home."

Charlie Q. has installed solar panels on his house, and he and his partner show up at rallies in support of environmental causes. He plays music in clubs, usually two sets a night. Bookings take the band on the road most Saturdays. Charlie's a new father, music is his second job, and to have time with his infant daughter and her mother, he wants to be home on Sundays and to have caught at least a few hours of sleep before family time. Going home at 1:00 a.m. on a Sunday, "It's all about getting there soonest possible" and on empty nighttime roads, that means about 73 mph - "fast but probably not likely to be pulled over for speeding," the way he figures it.

Our ideas: In a way, Charlie and Josh's were saying the same thing. But two extra considerations are in play for Charlie. Planning on his baby girl having a long healthy life, how does it make sense not to help the planet on which she'll be living? Second, driving at night makes animal encounters more likely; more speed means a greater likelihood of killing them as well as damaging car and driver.

What's happened: Charlie's slowed down by 10 mph most evenings; every once in a while he'll go the whole way at 55. "Every bit helps," he's decided, "and the trouble with knowing there's something I can do to make a difference is it bugs me if I don't do it."       P.O. Box 276, Dublin, NH 03444       Inspired by Tim Castleman