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Help Slow Climate Change and Save the Planet

By driving more slowly, no faster 55 MPH whenever possible, you reduce your auto carbon footprint significantly. Since CO2 emissions from vehicles amounts to almost 30% of CO2 created in our country, you can make a big difference by making a small change in your driving habits: Drive More Slowly.

"It is the presence of good—good work, good thoughts,
good acts, good places-- by which we know the present
does not have to be the nightmare of the future."

Wendell Berry, environmentalist, farmer, poet and professor (In Our Only World?)
  • Drive 55 rather than 65 or 75 and reduce your CO2 emissions by 15%-32%.
  • Based on 13,476 miles, the amount driven by the average American, and getting 25 MPG,

You will use 539 gallons of gas x 20 pounds of CO2 per gallon=10,780 pounds of CO2. By Driving 55 you will reduce your annual carbon footprint by 1,617 to 3,450 pounds. Then, looking ahead: 1,617 pounds x 5 years= 8,085, x 10 years= 16,170, & 20 years= 32,340. Then, using the higher figure 3,450 pounds x 5 years= 17,250, x 10 years= 34,500, x 20 years=69,000.

Now you have made a significant difference in slowing climate change.

"It'll take me longer to get there"

Josh B. drives a car with environmental stickers on the back bumper and along the hatchback. He's meticulous about turning off lights when he leaves a room. At the grocery store, he's prepared with his own bags - even plastic ones he's washed after previous use and brings with him. Most days his schedule requires driving between several towns and at 55 MPH instead of 68, he says, it'll take a few minutes longer each time.

Our ideas: Would you be willing to experiment and get a real number about time saved? And then think more about the few minutes less time meaning more pounds of CO2 dumped in the air?

What happened: Josh timed a week's worth of trips at each speed; his actual time saved averaged less than ten minutes each day. "I can't always remember," he's said, "but as often as I do, I leave that little bit earlier. It's not that hard and in a way I like feeling less rushed."       P.O. Box 276, Dublin, NH 03444       Inspired by Tim Castleman