EBC vs PowerStop: (2021) When to Choose What

Some might insist that the primary difference between EBC and PowerStop brakes would be the price tag.

I don’t really agree. Sure, PowerStop kits run cheaper, but we’re mainly talking about utility differences here. And honestly – about driving preferences too.

When To Pick EBC

The two biggest benefits of EBC are:


Wanna really go ham and pedal to the metal with your vehicle? Yellowstuff series helps out with zero fade, medium bite and a surface portion for instant safe breaking. Great for short track events or extreme racing.

EBC YellowStuff

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Superior performance for extreme racing. Just the right amount of bite. Copes well with heat. Zero brake fade, instant safe braking too.

Important: Amazon prices and shipping are usually the best. However, sometimes AutoAnything has discounts. Make sure you check AutoAnything’s prices too.

In a set, these also come with a plain brake rotor which is always your best option for racing purposes.

The reason? Rotors designed this way come with less structural stress points. This is very important for high-speed driving, as it minimizes the chance of any warping.

EBC’s best Premium series rotor is this one.

It gets even better if you pair such a rotor with EBC’s improved Yellowstuff brake pads. These are a racing/highway driving hybrid – they work from cold even though they were born to dominate the track.

More versatility for you and a good reason to install them 🙂 Here’s a good demonstration of this hybrid nature of theirs:

When To Pick PowerStop

For all other situations – daily driving, moderate offroad adventures and moderate towing/hauling, a PowerStop kit is a much more sensible choice. Perfectly functional for your needs and lighter on your wallet.


But I don’t want to only focus on the price. PowerStop setups are just better at dusting. Way less dust, and there’s always this fantastic pad bite without any screeching noise that will wake up the whole neighborhood either.

PowerStop Z23

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The standard for daily commutes and casual street performance. Cheap, low-dust and surprisingly silent. Any sedan will love a set of these pads with a bite.

The small catch here can be the warranty. It’s not as generous as EBC at 60 days for warping, rusting, premature wear & tear. However, if you read some reviews, you’ll see it’s not that much of a big deal. Quality stuff, honestly.

By the way, let’s get things straight. Both brands have a lot of rotor types and you can easily get lost.

Generally, the two most widely used applications are:

➥➥ For SUVs and trucks: EBC’s Greenstuff vs PowerStop z36. The z36 is one of the most popular brake kits for trucks and SUVs because of their value for price.

PowerStop Z36

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Heavy-duty performance on a great price. Less fade, more bite. Will take you through rugged terrain and copes with heavy loads too.

➥➥ For racing and muscle cars: EBC’s Yellowstuff vs PowerStop z26. Here you’ve got a more heated competition. However, for serious track action Yellowstuff brake pads will always be superior, in my humble opinion 🙂

EBC vs PowerStop: Any Manufacture Differences?

Yes, there are.

EBC’s rotors are made in the UK from the highest quality British steel. Before EBC coated the brake discs with zinc to prevent rusting. Now they’re doing the so-called ‘thermic black’ coating.

In terms of protection, it’s the same. However, from a cosmetic viewpoint the EBC rotors look way cooler. 🙂

PowerStop’s biggest manufacture benefit is the carbon-fiber ceramic construction. It’s a newer take on rotor manufacture as such rotors were quite expensive up until a few years ago.

Not anymore, and especially not with PowerStop. This guy over here agrees with me, mentioning how affordable PowerStop configs are:

The disks are lighter without sacrificing durability compared to purely steel constructed rotors. The zinc coating prevents rust, yes, but as I mentioned the lack of that stylish ‘thermic black’ means PowerStop rotors won’t stay shiny as long.

In terms of manufacture, both brands stick to the highest of rotor or brake pad standards. That’s all you need to know. They’re leagues better than what Bosch for example does.

As I mentioned before, your main consideration should be the extremity of your driving. PowerStop stick to drilled + slotted rotors, while EBC has plain, slotted or drilled products.

Needless to say, I vouch for their Premium (plain) rotors as their highest grade series. Their heat dissipation is superior if you’re going to race like a raging maniac. You’ll need that, trust me.

EBC YellowStuff

In that sense, EBC plain rotors outshine Centric’s too.

In fact, let me say it:

EBC’s plain designed discs are the best brake quality you can get in that price range.

However, if you want a complete kit with everything from rotors to brake pads to accessories included they’ll be a tad too expensive. As I mentioned before, just go with your staple PowerStop kit in that case. There’s a reason why they’re popular.

I haven’t had the time yet to explore all of EBC’s brake pad varieties yet, though.