EBC Brakes Review: A 2021 Overview

Most brake parts manufacturers preach that their greatest emphasis is on the safety and quality of their products. Unfortunately, those same manufacturers license the fabrication of their products to third parties to keep costs as low as possible. 

Well, to be fair – not all of them. 

In the UK there is at least one manufacturer that still believes in the old school theory of keeping an eye on the quality of the manufacturing process of its products from start to finish. That company that preaches with its actions and not with the word, is no other than EBC brakes, a global leader in the design and fabrication of top-notch brake pads and rotors.

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Comparison of the Best EBC Brakes 

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Who Is EBC Brakes? 

EBC Brakes is an independently owned and managed UK-based company with over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing ultra-high quality brake pads and brake disc rotors. They have applications for nearly anything you can think of including passenger cars, motorcycles, buses, vans, ATVs, mountain bikes, trucks, rally cars, carts, locomotives, race cars, and even wind turbines. All in all, EBC Brakes produces over 5,000 different part numbers to attend the global market.

As a curious fact, EBC’s commitment to manufacturing the best brake pads in the world led to the acquisition of the European Friction Industries Ltd in 2002, which has allowed EBC to directly control the exclusive formulation used in all its products.

Review of the Best EBC Brake Pads & Rotors

In marketing its products, EBC Brakes has always chosen to keep things simple for its customers. That motivated the company to use a color-based system to identify its premium brake pads. The result of this strategy was a complete success. 

Best EBC Brake Pads:EBC Redstuff Ceramic Brake Pads

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  • Designed for performance vehicles over 200bhp
  • Extremely low dust output regardless of the vehicle type
  • Features EBC’s exclusive ceramic enriched aramid fiber friction material
  • Deliver up to 25% braking power improvement when compared to OE brake pads
  • Unsurpassed versatility, great for spirited street driving as well as occasional track usage


  • Only available for passenger cars
  • Arguably one of the most expensive alternatives to OE pads

Where Does This Model Land in EBC’s Lineup? 

Redstuff brake pads are the most popular in EBC’s catalog. No wonder. They combine the benefits of ultra-premium ceramic pads such as low dust production and silent braking with the unparalleled performance and adaptability of semi-metallic pads. The result is a superb brake pad ideal for luxury and sports cars alike.

What Type of Driver Are These Best For? 

EBC officially considers Redstuff pads a mid-level street upgrade to OE pads. They deliver unmatched pedal feel, pad bite, and stopping power in any but all driving conditions, including spirited driving and occasional track usage.

This achievement is possible thanks to the exclusive aramid fiber compound used by EBC, a step above conventional ceramic friction materials. Although Redstuff brake pads are perfectly suitable for luxury cars requiring zero dust output and quiet operation, they are also very popular among high-performance import and domestic vehicles due to its outstanding braking power.

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List? 

EBC’s Redstuff pads are hands down the best street-performance product the company is currently offering. However, being a premium pad, they are possibly not the best option for budget-minded car owners nor people needing a track-oriented brake pad. Fortunately, if that is your case, EBC has great alternatives to Refstuff such as Ultimax 2, Greenstuff, and Yellowstuff brake pads.

Bottom Line 

If you are the proud owner of a luxury car, or better yet a high-performance luxury car, then EBC’s Redstuff brake pads will not disappoint. They offer an unrivaled braking experience regardless of your driving style. Yet, if all you require is an OE-level brake pad set (or if your application involves serious racing) then EBC has better alternatives to offer.

Best EBC Rotors:EBC USR Slotted Rotors

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  • Ultra-quiet operation thanks to its finer slot pattern
  • Highly versatile, fully compatible with the entire EBC brake pad line
  • Enhanced gas, dirt, and water removal when compared to conventional sport rotors
  • Their innovative multi slotted pattern makes them ideal both for passenger cars and SUVs
  • Special slotted rotor design that improves the contact area of the brake pads and therefore ensures the wear distributes more evenly across their surface


  • Somewhat expensive for daily driving vehicles
  • Although there are no technical limitations regarding their usage, these rotors offer the best results when used in mild to intermediate performance applications

Where Does This Model Land in EBC’s Lineup? 

EBC’s Ultimax Slotted Rotors, aka EBC USR rotors, were designed in such a way that they can offer silent operation whilst still providing a marked improvement over the performance of OE sports rotors. In essence, you can think of USR rotors as an upgraded version of EBC’s Premium brake discs.

What Type of Driver Are These Best For?

Given their unique pattern, these brake discs are the ideal choice for drivers looking for rotors that ensure effective bite and optimal heat dissipation even during aggressive sport driving but without the noise associated with the conventional slotted/drilled design. Typical applications include luxury sport sedans and SUVs fitted with Redstuff or Greenstuff brake pads.

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List?

Ultimax Slotted Rotors are positioned as a mid-level street performance line. They offer better stopping power than EBC’s Premium line but do not match the performance offered by the GD line of rotors. In that regard, if what you require is a good OE replacement then EBC’s Premium rotors may be a better choice. The same goes true for ultra-high performance enthusiasts which should consider opting for GD instead of USR rotors.

Bottom Line 

If what you are looking for is silent braking but with a lot of performance then EBC’s USR rotors are definitely a good choice. However, if you are on a limited budget, or you require race-level brake rotors then your best bet is opting for a different line. 

Best Value EBC Brake Pads:EBC Ultimax 2 Brake Pads

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  • Exceptionally good pad life
  • An excellent alternative to OE brake pads
  • Exclusive 100% sulfide-free eco-friendly friction material
  • Reasonably priced (when compared to other EBC pad lines)
  • Its amazing composition earned Ultimax 2 the “GG” friction rating making it one of the most versatile brake pads currently available in the market


  • Not great for the track or aggressive driving styles
  • Although they offer low noise levels, Ultimax 2 pads are slightly louder than Greenstuff and Redstuff pads

Where Does This Model Land in EBC’s Lineup? 

Ultimax 2 brake pads are considered a direct replacement to OE pads. Nevertheless, they surpass OE pads in every aspect possible, from dust production to noise levels to braking performance. In that context, a fairer term for them would be “entry-level street performance pads”, just behind the Greenstuff line.

What Type of Driver Are These Best For?

Their excellent wear life, low noise levels, good cold bite, and fast break-in make these brake pads ideal for daily driving vehicles. The Ultimax 2 is also the less expensive EBC brake pad, which is another point in its favor, especially for car owners who want to try EBC legendary quality without breaking the bank.

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List?

Even though the Ultimax 2 brake pads are really amazing, they are not recommended for high-performance applications nor hauling/towing heavy loads. Simply put, these pads are perfectly suited for city traffic and commuting, for everything else, prefer Greenstuff pads and above.

Bottom Line

EBC did an amazing job with the Ultimax 2 brake pads. They exceed the strictest European and American environmental and quality standards, are well priced, make little noise, and generate little brake dust. Hands down, a good choice as an OE replacement for daily driving. For street performance or track usage, we do recommend EBC’s performance-oriented lines though.

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Best Value EBC Rotors:EBC Premium Brake Rotors

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  • Perfect fit on a wide variety of vehicles
  • Reasonably priced as OE replacements
  • Made with the highest quality materials
  • 100% tested and verified at EBC facilities in the UK and US
  • Feature EBC’s “black” coating for superior corrosion protection


  • Not recommended for street performance or racing applications
  • Although they are of extreme quality, their cost can be a problem for many car owners

Where Does This Model Land in EBC’s Lineup? 

EBC Premium rotors can be considered as the brand’s economic line, whose main objective is offering an attractive alternative to original factory parts. Like any other EBC brake disc, these rotors must go through rigorous inspection that includes tolerance checks, surface finish tests, hardness tests, and more to ensure they fit and perform as expected. This level of attention to detail is their main selling point as they offer a quality that surpasses OE rotors.

What Type of Driver Are These Best For?

Being a product designed as a direct replacement to the original brake discs, EBC Premium rotors are ideal for daily driving passenger vehicles. These excellent rotors certainly last longer than OE parts, but most importantly, they also offer better heat dissipation which contributes to extend the life of brake pads as well. In short, a good option for price-sensitive buyers.

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List?

As mentioned, the Premium line is entirely focused on offering an original equipment replacement. As such, it has the same limitations associated with this type of rotor. If your application involves hauling/towing heavy loads, racing, heavy braking, or you simply love to constantly test the limits of your brakes then you better opt for another line.

Bottom Line 

EBC’s Premium rotors offer a level of quality and craftsmanship second to none. Combine them with Ultimax 2 brake pads and you have an extraordinary alternative to the OE braking system. However, if what you need is way above OE-level performance then you better consider EBC USR or GD lines instead.

5. EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads

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  • They use EBC’s exclusive aramid fiber based brake compound
  • Available for high horsepower cars and heavy SUVs and trucks
  • Ultra-high friction material with low noise and low dust production
  • Low brake fade even under the most demanding driving conditions
  • Specifically created for handling track stress, yet, still suitable for high-performance street usage


  • Not for the budget-minded car owner
  • Not recommended for non-aggressive driving styles since they work best at high temperatures

Where Does This Model Land in EBC’s Lineup?

Without a doubt, Yellowstuff is one the most aggressive EBC pad you can find for street-legal use. They are aimed at people looking for a race brake pad for stock or lightly modified vehicles. In that regard, Yellowstuff delivers unmatched high-temperature fade resistance, low noise levels, and impressive stopping power for high horsepower applications.

What Type of Driver Are These Best For? 

Their unique features make Yellowstuff brake pads an excellent choice for vehicles with more than 200bhp of horsepower, trucks, and SUVs that require hauling/towing heavy loads, or as mentioned, light track usage. In other words, you can think of EBC’s Yellowstuff as the ultimate street pads since they are capable of delivering incredible stopping power under the most extreme driving conditions.

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List?

Although on paper the Yellowstuff brake pads outperform the other EBC lines in almost every way, actually, they do have some drawbacks. Even when they are advertised to have excellent cold bite, the truth is they only show their full grip potential once they reach a certain temperature. That should come as no surprise since as any high-performance pad they work best under load. Sadly, that also means Yellowstuff might not be the best option for city traffic.

Bottom Line

If you love spirited driving, have a truck that requires pads capable to withstand high temperatures, or you just need a dedicated set of pads for track use, then Yellowstuf pads are for you. However, if what you require is good street performance without sacrificing urban driveability, then EBC’s Redstuff could be a better choice.

6. EBC Greenstuff 6000 Series Brake Pads

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  • Gentle on brake rotors
  • Better cold bite than most aftermarket pads
  • Better fade resistance when compared to OE pads
  • Can improve braking power up to 15% when compared to OE pads
  • Specifically designed as an entry-level performance upgrade for light SUVs and trucks


  • Medium dust production
  • Not suitable for full-sized SUVs and trucks or applications requiring heavy braking

Where Does This Model Land in EBC’s Lineup? 

Greenstuff 6000 series brake pads are an interesting product, which is designed as a modest upgrade to the factory counterparts found in SUVs and light trucks. Given that Ultimax 2 pads offer comparable features to OE parts, you can think of Greenstuff 6000 as an entry-level performance line for SUVs and trucks, offering slightly better results than Ultimax 2 parts

What Type of Driver Are These Best For?

These brake pads offer a small improvement compared to the original pads. Their friction material is more durable, they have better cold grip, their break-in time is minimal, and they provide a more consistent pedal feel in different driving conditions. If you need to replace your current brake pads, EBC’s Greenstuff is certainly a great option to consider.

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List? 

While it is true that the Greenstuff 6000 pads were created as an upgrade to the Ultimax 2, the truth is that they do not offer the same benefits. These pads deliver better performance at the expense of producing more dust than the Ultimax 2. Moreover, Greenstuff 6000 pads are not recommended for applications that require continued use of the brakes like hauling/towing heavy loads.

Bottom Line

If you own a small truck or SUV and require “better than OE stopping power” then Greenstuff 6000 pads are a good option. However, these are not heavy-duty brake pads nor performance-oriented ones, for that kind of application you might need to consider EBC Greenstuff 7000 or Yellowstuff pads.

7. EBC Greenstuff 2000 Series Brake Pads

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  • Reasonably low noise levels
  • Its friction material extend the rotors’ life
  • Good cold bite, even better than Greenstuff 6000 series
  • Appropriate fade resistance for occasional spirited driving
  • Excellent entry-level upgrade for compact and small sedans


  • Provides only a small improvement over Ultimax 2 pads
  • Not ideal for people looking for minimal dust on wheels

Where Does This Model Land in EBC’s Lineup? 

The Greenstuff 2000 line is an immediate upgrade from the Ultimax 2 pads yet one step down from EBC’s Redstuff line. Expect better bite, enhanced braking power, and more consistent pedal feel than OE brake pads. Simply put, these are entry-level performance pads.

What Type of Driver Are These Best For? 

The Greenstuff 2000 line brake pads have been specially designed to improve the braking performance of compact cars and small sedans. They are an interesting alternative for drivers looking for better braking power than the original pads but without having to pay the higher price of Redstuff pads. Definitely a good option for occasional spirited driving.

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List? 

It is important to understand the Greenstuff 2000 line to avoid being disappointed with it. These pads are not designed for luxury cars since they generate moderate amounts of dust. Moreover, under certain conditions, Greenstuff 2000 pads could be noisier than Ultimax 2, so if what you need is an OE braking experience then Ultimax 2 pads are probably a better choice. On the other hand, if you want a noticeable braking performance without any of Greenstuff 2000 limitations then EBC’s Redstuff or Yellowstuff pads will certainly meet your expectations.

Bottom Line 

Greenstuff 2000 brake pads are an excellent entry-level street upgrade as long as you know what to expect from them. Their friction material is way better than comparable OE pads and thus provides a more reliable and sporty feel at the pedal. If this level of performance is not enough, you always count on EBC’s top lines.

8. EBC GD Sport Rotors

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  • Made from high-quality G3000 castings
  • An excellent choice for both, high-performance passenger cars and trucks
  • Precision machined in either the UK or the US to guarantee superior craftsmanship
  • Their wide aperture pattern allows better heat dissipation than most sport rotors in the market
  • The innovative design of EBC GD rotors keep away water, dirt, dust, and debris from the braking contact area


  • Some newer carbon-ceramic materials may outperform them
  • EBC GD rotors might be heavier than other drilled/slotted sport designs
  • Some users report a wind-like noise from the rotors at speed, which has been confirmed by EBC

Where Does This Model Land in EBC’s Lineup?

Hands down, GD rotors offer a huge improvement over EBC’s Premium or USR lines. Since they are performance-oriented products, GD rotors are not shy to break the limitations imposed by luxury or OE replacement parts. Expect the distinctive noise of air passing through its pattern, as well as the huge cooling benefits this brings to brake pads.

What Type of Driver Are These Best For? 

Unlike EBC’s Premium or USR brake rotors, the GD line is aimed at demanding braking applications such as high-performance passenger cars with over 200bhp and SUVs or trucks requiring extreme braking power. Although these rotors can be fitted with any EBC pad, they work best with Greenstuff 7000, Redstuff, and Yellowstuff premium lines.

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List? 

Certainly, owning the best brake discs from EBC is exciting, however, there are certain aspects to keep in mind. These rotors are designed to handle extreme heat, in other words, they might be overkill for daily driving applications. Moreover, EBC GD rotors work best with Redstuff or Yellowstuff brake pads so, if have no intentions to purchase premium pads then EBC’s Premium or USR rotors might be a better choice.

Bottom Line 

EBC GD brake discs are not only eye-catching, but they also offer impressive performance in sports car applications and in SUVs and trucks that need hauling/towing heavy loads. They are unquestionably the best, however, take into account that EBC also has lower-priced alternatives for family vehicles used for commuting from home to work.

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What Else Do EBC Brakes Make?

The philosophy of EBC founder, Andy Freeman, of focusing on a single business area has brought him unprecedented success. No other company in the brakes industry designs and produces such a wide range of brake products, ranging from mountain bikes to high-performance racing vehicles to heavy-duty vehicles.

EBC Brake Pads

Aside from the amazing Ultimax 2, Greenstuff, Yellowstuff, and Redstuff brake pads already reviewed, EBC also has additional brake pads lines focused on specific applications such as mild-racing, SUVs, and more.

Bluestuff NDX Trackday Brake Pads. Do you enjoy occasional spirited driving? Do you own a sports car and want to upgrade your OE brake pad set? This line is designed for light race use on street-legal performance cars.

Orangestuff Full Race Brake Pads. These semi-metallic pads are intended for racing applications on cars up to 250bhp. Since Orangestuff pads are true race pads they are not street legal.

Extra Duty Light truck, Jeep, and SUV brake pads. This line uses a variation of the Orangestuff semi-metallic friction material to offer unsurpassed pad bite in cold climates and extreme applications such as towing/hauling heavy loads.

EBC Brake Disc Rotors & Shoes

We already talked about EBC’s USR, Premium, and GD Sport rotors, however, EBC brake discs rotors & shoe line have even more to offer. 

BSD Discs. Available for both front and rear axles, EBC’s BSD discs feature a distinctive blade slot design that helps to dissipate hot gases from the contact zone thus improving overall braking performance. Ideal for performance-oriented passenger cars like BMW’s M Series, Mercedes AMGs, and more.

Car Brake Shoes. EBC complements its huge selection of brake disc rotors with a comprehensive selection of OE quality brake shoe sets for passenger cars and SUVs featuring ECO-friendly materials.

Other Automotive EBC Lines

As you might expect from EBC, the company also offers other high-quality brake-related products such as brake fluids, brake caliper lube, high-performance stainless steel brake lines, and brake pads and line kits.

EBC Brakes Automotive Racing Division

It should come as no surprise that a brand like EBC with strong roots in performance applications has a dedicated racing line. This line has quickly become the one that has brought the most satisfaction (and recognition) to the company. EBC’s racing products include Fully-Floating 2-Piece Brake Rotors, Apollo Balanced Big Brake Kits, RP-1 Racing Brake Pads, and RP-X Racing Brake Pads.

Other EBC Divisions

As mentioned several times during this article, EBC not only manufactures brake parts for cars and SUVs but for every type of application imaginable. This includes brake pads, rotors, shoes, clutches, brake lines, and other parts for motorcycles, scooters, mountain bikes, heavy trucks, UTVs, wind turbines, and trains.

What Makes EBC Brakes Stand Out From the Competition?

The aspect that sets EBC apart from its competition is its determination to produce the best brake products in the world. In that regard, for EBC the quality of the final product is its highest priority, not competing on prices. 

That commitment to perfection explains why EBC is probably one of the few companies that still manufacture 100% of its products in its own factories in the UK, Italy, and the US. They use the most stringent controls in the industry to ensure every brake pad and rotor leaving the factory is free from defects.

Furthermore, EBC invests heavily in its R&D division to continually improve friction material formulations as well as brake discs quality. The environmentally friendly compound used in Ultimax 2 brake pads is just one of the many examples of the results of such efforts. 

EBC vs The Competition – Comparison Overview 

Powerstop vs. EBC

While it is true that both Powerstop and EBC are recognized brands in the brake parts market, there are fundamental differences in the vision that each one has of their own products. Powerstop is focused on delivering high-quality brake pads and rotors to people looking for a street performance upgrade at a reasonable price. Inevitably, such an approach leads to certain trade-offs. Proof of that is the warranty of 30 days or 500 miles offered by Powerstop when their products are purchased individually and 90 days/3,000 miles when purchased as a kit. EBC on the other hand is not worried (at all) about the price. They aim at high-performance enthusiasts willing to pay for the unsurpassed quality of their products. That explains why EBC is happy to offer a 1-year/10,000 miles warranty on all their products. Summing up, deciding which brand better suits your needs has a lot to do with your budget, but also with how important quality is to you.

EBC Redstuff vs. Yellowstuff

Given the similarities between EBC’s Redstuff and Yellowstuff brake pads, it is understandable that many drivers wonder which is better. The answer is simpler than many may think. 

Redstuff pads are designed for larger horsepower performance vehicles that require unsurpassed stopping power but with an extremely low dust production. Although Refstuff brake pads are capable of handling some action on tracks, that may be too much for them.

That type of application is where EBC’s Yellowstuff excel. Simply put, Yellowstuff pads are a direct upgrade to Redstuff. They feature a more aggressive friction material designed for the track but still suitable for spirited street usage.

EBC vs. Hawk

Comparing EBC and Hawk is not different from comparing the BMW M Series to Mercedes-Benz AMG or limited edition Camaros to Mustangs. Both EBC and Hawk deliver exceptionally well-made products, both manufacturers use top-notch machinery and both brands have impressive R&D facilities.

Nevertheless, from the perspective of most professional racers and supercars owners, Hawk brake pads offer better performance and a slightly shorter stopping distance when compared to EBC’s. However, that performance comes at the cost of (typically) higher noise than a comparable EBC pad.

This result is not so surprising considering that Hawk is a brand focused mainly on high-performance products, while EBC has a much more diversified product portfolio.

Stoptech vs. EBC

Both EBC and StopTech are two giants in the brake parts industry. StopTech is part of the APC Automotive Technologies group, the same group that owns the famous brand Centric. In fact, many think that StopTech rotors (and possibly some of their pads) are rebranded Centric parts. That alone speaks volumes of StopTech quality.

Despite this, one advantage that EBC has over StopTech is that it is a company dedicated exclusively to brake parts. This and EBC’s philosophy of prioritizing quality above all, set it apart from StopTech. While the quality of both brands is unquestionable, EBC definitely offers more attention to detail on all of its lines, while StopTech pays more attention to its premium lines. 

EBC Green Stuff vs. Yellow Stuff

Both Greenstuff and Yellowstuff brake pads offer unmatched quality and performance, yet they belong to completely different market segments. Greenstuff brake pads are considered an improvement over Ultimax pads, which in turn, are a replacement alternative to OE pads. They offer excellent bite and acceptable dust levels. You can think of these brake pads as an entry-level street upgrade.

Yellowstuff pads, on the other hand, are EBC’s most aggressive line, focused on high-performance vehicles. They can be used on street vehicles, however, they are designed for light track usage. You can think of Yellowstuff as a direct upgrade over Refstuff pads.

EBC Yellow Stuff vs. Hawk HPS

Truth be told, comparing EBC Yellowstuff vs Hawk HPS is not a fair comparison. While both brake pads are intended for high-performance vehicles, they are designed for completely different use cases.

EBC’s Yellowstuff brake pads were designed from the ground up for light track usage while still offering acceptable street manners. By “acceptable” we mean understanding the limitations of using these pads for daily driving. They have to reach a certain temperature to deliver the best performance. That should not be an issue during track runs but could be a real problem in urban areas.

Conversely, Hawk’s HPS brake pads were designed for street performance usage. They are not capable of withstanding the stresses of the track but excel in providing unparalleled stopping power in traffic, highway, or spirited driving runs. Which one is best for you will depend on the intended usage of your vehicle.

EBC vs. Brembo

If any manufacturer in the world can compete with EBC in terms of extreme quality, that manufacturer is undoubtedly Brembo. When it comes to Brembo, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is the OE supplier of prestigious brands such as Ferrari or Lamborghini, just to mention a few. In the world of supercars and ultra-performance vehicles, Brembo is second to none.

However, in this particular comparison, something curious happens. EBC has a significant price advantage over Brembo. Given that no one can argue that EBC is cutting prices to compete against Brembo, this puts the latter in a difficult position.

Forums are loaded with heated discussions about which brand is best. The truth is that under normal driving conditions both deliver comparable performance. So, if you require the best brake pads and rotors that the money can buy then your choice is easy, go Brembo. Yet, if you are willing to give EBC a try it will not disappoint.

EBC Greenstuff 6000 vs. 7000

All Greenstuff brake pads are designed to improve stopping power by up to 15% over stock pads, as well as offering fade-free stops and a reliable pedal feel. You might be wondering, if so, why EBC offers both the 6000 and 7000 series for trucks and SUVs? The answer has to do with the intended usage of the vehicle.

Greenstuff 6000 brake pads are aimed at trucks and SUVs mainly used as daily driving family vehicles. The 7000 Series offers a slight improvement in terms of dust production, overall pad bite, and heavy braking performance. In other words, Greenstuff 7000 Series pads are a better choice for heavier SUVs and trucks that occasionally tow/haul loads or that spend more time on the highway and thus require a friction material capable of withstanding frequent stops at high speeds. 


If you are the type of person who values the safety and quality of brake parts above all else, then the EBC brand is definitely what you are looking for. Its philosophy oriented towards perfection, as well as its commitment to innovation, make EBC a reliable brand for any type of vehicle from small compacts to high-powered racing cars.

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People Also Ask

EBC is undoubtedly a top-notch brand. However, it is natural to have some questions such as where are their products made or what kind of warranty they offer. In this section, you will find the answers to those and other questions concerning this exceptional brand.

Where Are EBC Brakes Made?

Most EBC products are manufactured in the UK, at one of its several state-of-the-art plants.  However, EBC also has world-class facilities in the US, and Italy where the company produces some of its rotors and brake pads lines.

Who Owns EBC?

Freeman Automotive UK Limited, also known as the Freeman Group, owns EBC brakes. The company was incorporated in January 1983, as a “manufacturer and distributor of automotive and motorcycle brake pads and discs” and currently operates from its World Headquarters located at Northampton, Northamptonshire, UK.

How Long Has EBC Been Around?

EBC Brakes began operations in 1978 when its founder Andy Freeman set out to satisfy the demand for high-quality brake parts in the UK. A few years later, in 1983, he created the Freeman Group and led the company from being a local supplier to a recognized global manufacturer of unsurpassed quality brake parts.

What Kind of Warranty Does EBC Offer?

EBC offers a limited warranty of 10,000 miles or twelve months from the date of purchase (whichever occurs first) against defects in materials or workmanship. When the warranty is executed, the customer can choose between a replacement for a similar product or a refund of the purchase. The warranty will be automatically voided if the product is used in taxis, rental vehicles, or for races, rallies, drifts, or any other form of competition.