Hart Brakes Review – Why You Should Avoid Them In 2021

| Last Updated: October 20, 2022

Do you like detective stories? If so, this review will be very entertaining for you.

If you are shopping for brake pads or rotors, chances are you will come across Hart Brakes products. Even if you did not hear about Hart before, we are sure that their incredibly low prices will immediately grab your attention. The thing is, who is Hart? 

In this article, we will test our puzzle-solving skills to give you an objective review of Hart Brakes rotors and pads, so you can make an informed decision as to whether their products are right for you.

Comparison of the Best Hart Brakes

  • Made of advanced materials, ensuring a long product life
  • Eliminates noise and vibration as it is 100% shimmed
  • Has a stable friction performance for a wide temperature range
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  • Has a silver zinc finish, protecting against oxidation and rust
  • Diamond slots wipe away the debris, improving the system's performance
  • Has cross-drilled holes which ventilates the air
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  • Improved stopping power due to the precision slots
  • Fast heat dissipation thanks to the cross drilled holes
  • No modification is needed as it is a guaranteed fit
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Who is Hart? 

Generally, what you do to find out more about a brand is to visit its website. Reputable brands such as BOSCH, Centric, EBC, or PowerStop spend a great deal of time (and money) in designing their websites so visitors can learn more about them. Key aspects such as mission, vision, as well as the brand’s history are carefully written to boost credibility. Other aspects like contact information, the legal name of the company behind the brand, and physical addresses are obviously included.

Ultimately, that is the information you expect to find on any website, right? 

Well, not in the case of Hart Brakes.

All you will find on the Hart Brakes website is a generic page with a sales pitch that talks about their ceramic brake rotors and pads. Furthermore, if you click in their "About Us" page you will only get an additional paragraph talking about how good Hart products are. 

Below is a summary of what we noticed in Hart Brakes website:

  1. The website has no copyright notice in the footer (or anywhere else)

  2. The "Contact Us" page only contains a phone number and an email address.

  3. There is no physical address or legal company name anywhere.

  4. We found a Facebook page (created in December 2016). We used the chat to ask them about their address. After 12 hours of waiting the only answer we got was "We are located in California"

In an attempt to solve the mystery surrounding Hart Brakes, we switched to "detective mode" and dig deeper into the web. Although we could not find anything conclusive about their history or who they are, we did find some interesting facts that we share below.

  1. You can buy Hart products through their website, an Amazon store, desertcart.com, or eBay.

  2. All eBay posts are from the same user (usdirectparts) which is a Top Rated Seller. All of the 52,800 usdirectparts posts on eBay are directly related to Hart Brakes.

  3. If you click on usdirectparts, you will get this “Located in California, US Direct Parts was founded in 2008 …”  

We leave it up to you whether or not it is a coincidence that US Direct Parts is also located in California. What we can do is assure you that such a level of mystery around the Hart brand is certainly a red flag.

Reviews of Hart Brakes

Are you curious about Hart products? Very well, in this section, we have made a detailed review of Hart Brake products so that you have a clear idea of what to expect from them.

Hart Brake Pads:
Hart Brakes Ceramic Series Brake Pad


  • 100% asbestos-free formula
  • Available for a wide variety of vehicles
  • Free shipping (when bought from eBay)
  • Incredibly low price in comparison to other ceramic pads


  • They do not come with the necessary abutment service kit
  • Produce A LOT of dust, even more than semi-metallic pads
  • These brakes pads are supposed to be 100% scorched but actually require the same break-in process used by non-scorched brake pads
  • They are supposedly manufactured using "positive moldings", however the manner in which they wear suggests a conventional manufacturing process
  • The performance of these pads suggest that its formulation is more of a mixture of metallic and ceramic compounds than a truly "100% ceramic" brake pad

Where Does This Model Land In Hart’s Lineup? 

A curious aspect of Hart ceramic brake pads is that they are marketed with all the exclusive features associated with premium pads (low dust, low noise, positive molding, etc), but at a price that is even lower than the most economical pads. In other words, according to Hart, these are the only pads you will ever need.

In fact, the brand does not offer any other variation, just these "ceramic brake pads". For most car owners this may seem like an advantage, however, for experienced drivers, this is odd.

Can I Still Use Hart Brake Pads/Rotors? 

Despite the dubious marketing used by Hart, we found during our research that actually many people are using these brake pads. No wonder. Its low price is the perfect bait for those who want to save some money.

Unfortunately, those customers quickly discovered the consequences associated with buying this kind of low-quality product. Piles of dust, squealing, and poor performance, are only a few of the complaints we compiled for you in our next section. 

Bottom Line 

Hart brake pads are a good example of the adage "you get what you pay for." Instead of saving money you most probably will end up buying another set of pads before Hart’s pads wear out. Worse yet, by using these pads you are putting yourself at risk.

In that regard, we strongly suggest you to avoid Hart brake pads. We understand that many people have a limited budget, for that reason we have dedicated an entire section to offer you reliable alternatives that do not compromise your safety or your pocket.

Hart Brake Rotors:
Hart Brakes Platinum Harts Rotors


  • Silver zinc finish
  • Striking slotted and cross drilled design
  • Available for a wide selection of vehicles
  • Ridiculously low price for a complete set of front and rear disc brake rotors


  • Prone to create cracks around the drilled holes 
  • They wear out quite fast in comparison to other brake discs
  • The dubious quality of these rotors make them prone to warping when under heavy load
  • There is no technical information available for these rotors. Weight, diameter, thickness, nothing. Quite unusual for “slotted and drilled” performance-oriented rotors
  • The rotors are shipped in “unmarked boxes and packaging” supposedly to “pass the savings to customers” However, we suspect this has more to do with not revealing where they are actually manufactured

Where Does This Model Land In Hart’s Lineup? 

In a similar fashion than Hart ceramic brake pads, there is no specific information regarding “Platinum” rotors. So the best we can do is express an opinion based on the information we were able to collect. Platinum discs are Hart's "top of the line" as they feature a slotted and perforated design in addition to silver zinc coating. That put these rotors above Hart’s Gold and Black variants.

Can I Still Use Hart Brake Pads/Rotors? 

The short answer is yes, you can use Hart Platinum rotors. However, the real question is, why are you even considering buying them? We suspect that aside from its incredible price, it has a lot to do with the "cool" factor associated with slotted and drilled rotors. So regarding Hart rotors, it all comes down to the following, how much do you value your safety?

Make no mistake, despite their appearance, Hart rotors are far from being high-performance rotors. They will warp and they will crack. If the look of your wheels is so important to you then we have good news. In the next section, we have listed similarly priced slotted and drilled rotors that won't put your life at risk.

Bottom Line

In our opinion, the biggest selling point of these rotors is their sporty appearance. Our research has made it clear to us that while the price is an important factor, the "look" of this product is what most people care about. As mentioned earlier, we invite you to read our next section to find out more about similarly priced, better-looking alternatives.

Hart Brake Kit:
Black Hart Drilled & Slotted Rotors with Ceramic Brake Pads

Hart Brakes Front Rear Brakes and Rotors Kit |Front Rear Brake Pads| Brake Rotors and Pads| Ceramic Brake Pads and Rotors - BHCC.66080.02


  • Good looking rotors
  • The kit includes the necessary hardware
  • Free shipping (only when bought from eBay)
  • Excellent price for a complete brake kit including rotors and ceramic pads


  • The 'ceramic' brake pads produce way too much dust
  • They tend to warp and crack around the drilled holes
  • You can find similar priced Front & Rear brake kits from reputable brands
  • Dubious customer support service (Hart preferred means of contact is through eBay messages)

Where Does This Model Land In Hart’s Lineup? 

Hart "Black" brake discs feature a drilled design along with a black finish which positions them as the "economy" alternative to Hart's Platinum and Gold rotors. We have no doubt that its finish is the central point of attention for most buyers, however, it is appropriate to remember that once you start using these rotors, its finish will be completely lost.

Can I Still Use Hart Brake Pads/Rotors? 

You can definitely use these rotors. However, as we have reiterated previously, doing so is probably not a good idea. Even the best brake disc manufacturers in the world, such as Brembo or EBC, are very careful with drilled rotors as they are prone to cracking. If you are really determined to use Hart rotors, then keep in mind that this type of problem will be the first one you will face.

Bottom Line 

The idea of installing a set of four perforated discs along with ceramic pads at an astounding price is without a doubt, attractive. However, if you are going to use your hard earned money on this kind of upgrade, then it is best to do it using a reputable brand that guarantees your investment.

In our next section you will find reliable alternatives that offer you all the advantages that you are looking for and thus not have the need to take risks with an unreliable brand like Hart.

If Not Hart, What Other Brake Brands Should I Consider? 

Talking about Hart Brakes is talking about "cheap" disc brakes and pads. We have nothing against products made in China, nor buying inexpensive products. Our concern has to do with the general perception that people with a limited budget have no choice but to purchase from brands like Hart. 

The truth is that such perception is completely wrong, and we are willing to prove it with facts.

So we did a little research to prove our point, something anyone could do from home. First, we chose one of the best-selling vehicles in the US, a 2014 Ford F-150 XL 4x4, and then we Googled a front brake kit that included the same components as Hart's part number USDP-BHDS- FP-797: two drilled & slotted front discs rotors along with the corresponding ceramic brake pads. 

The results were very promising.

  1. Base product, Hart Front Kit, drilled & slotted discs brake rotors + ceramic pads - price $190.23

  2. Alternative #1, StopTech Front Brake Kit, drilled & slotted rotors and ceramic pads - price $252.49

  3. Alternative #2, PowerStop Extreme (severe duty) kit, drilled & slotted rotors and ceramic pads - price $203.89

Before drawing conclusions, we need to make two clarifications. Even though they have not a black finish, both PowerStop and StopTech discs come with high-quality anti-rust coatings. Moreover, both PowerStop and StopTech include premium stainless steel hardware to ensure minimal noise levels and maximum performance. As far as we can see in Hart product description and pictures, this particular kit does not come with the necessary abutment clips.

Simply put, you can purchase a complete front brake kit from PowerStop for about the same price as Hart’s, or if you want more peace of mind, you can spend extra $60 and go with StopTech. Either case, both PowerStop and StopTech offer better warranty and both are renowned auto parts manufacturers.

Now take a moment to think about the results. Even in the worst-case scenario, are you really willing to risk your safety for $60 dollars?

Horror Stories From Hart

Amazon is a great source of information. However, one thing that caught our attention was how many 4-star reviews were actually complaints:

  1. This Customer was really disappointed “Had this vehicle for years, always used ceramic pads and never had a dust problem. These pads coat the wheels with heavy black brake dust. Cannot possibly be ceramic pads”

  2. This Customer bought the BLACK HART DRILLED SLOTTED BRAKE Rotors Kit AND CERAMIC PAD BHCC.66080.02 and simply said "Poor quality"

  3. This Customer said “I'd rather pay a little more and get better pads that don't generate as much dust. My rims are covered after a few days.”

  4. This Customer also complains about dust “The kit didn’t come with hardware (clips). Also the front pads produce a lot of brake dust”

  5. This Customer complains about brake pads’ noise “... pads however do squeak some and I will consider changing them out after I get some more wear out of them”

  6. This Customer is clearly not satisfied with the product “To much brake dust”

  7. This Customer, like many others, is complaining about the dust. “I think other potential buyers should know that this set of brakes will make your front rims really, really dirty.”

  8. This Customer shared something quite disturbing “Rotors wore more than the pads”

Last but not least, there are two threads from Reddit worth mentioning.

  1. In this one, a professional technician who was asked about Hart Brakes is sharing his opinion about the importance of brands and quality of brake parts, as well as the little sense that it makes to install slotted discs in daily driver vehicles  

  2. In this one, not directly related to Hart but “eBay brakes”, a user says “Brakes are the only thing that slows you down from highway speeds to a stop. Do you really want to gamble on that?” and then proposes as an alternative to cheap eBay brakes to use AutoZone blank discs because “there is absolutely no need for a drilled/slotted rotor on 90% of cars on the road”


We apologize for not being able to solve this mystery, but even our highly developed detective skills are not enough when it comes to an intentionally cryptic brand like Hart. Now, seriously, we often forget the huge impact that brake pads and rotors have on vehicle safety. If you are a budget-conscious buyer we strongly suggest staying away from brands like Hart. Instead, we recommend opting for renowned brands like PowerStop, StopTech, C-Tek, or Duralast that will certainly provide you a safer ride.

People Also Ask

Do you have questions about Hart Brakes? You should. We certainly have a couple. In this section, we share with you what we know about this mysterious brand.

Where Are Hart Products Made?

We want to be completely transparent on this point. During our investigation, we were unable to discover where Hart Brakes products are made. However, common sense tells us that if they were made in the United States then Hart's website would highlight it. We can only assume that Hart's brake pads and rotors are made overseas, probably in China.

Who Makes Hart Products?

Good question. As mentioned earlier, we can only speculate about this point. Our best guess is that U.S. Direct Parts imports these products (presumably from China) and then distributes Hart Brakes as their "exclusive brand" through Hart's website and eBay (as usdirectparts).

Who Owns Hart?

This is arguably one of the main reasons why we distrust this brand so much. Getting information about the company behind Hart Brakes has not been possible. We discovered that U.S. Direct Parts is exclusively dedicated to marketing Hart products, however, the U.S.  Direct Parts website is even more mysterious than Hart Brakes'.

Simply put, Hart Brakes is a brand that is not interested in giving any relevant information about them.

How Long Has Hart Been Around?

That is a difficult question to answer. Auto parts manufacturers, even those just entering the market, typically include that type of information on their "about us" page since it is considered a good practice to boost credibility. Not Hart Brakes.

Their "About Us" page is literally one of the shortest we have ever seen, just 56 words. In fact, the page does not mention anything about the brand. Nevertheless, in our research on Google, we have found reviews from 7 years ago. Also, the Hart Brakes Facebook page was created in December 2016, so we can assume the brand is probably 7-9 years old.

What Kind of Warranty Does Hart Offer?

Hart Brakes offer a one-year limited warranty on manufacturer defects for its brake pads and rotors. Curiously, the warranty of Hart's rotors explicitly mentions "one year against warping and one year against cracking" It draws our attention they have redacted the warranty that way because somehow it can be interpreted as if they already know that their rotors are going to have that type of failure. 

Are Hart Brakes Any Good?

Hart brakes are definitely not good. In case you haven't read our review (yet) and skipped over to this section, let us assure you that Hart brakes pads are not the best option on the market. The dubious quality of Hart brake pads can certainly put you at risk. Furthermore, there is no point in buying Hart brake pads (or rotors) when there are better quality alternatives that offer you great value and peace of mind.

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Damaso has been in the automotive world since he was 14 years old and his father decided to bought an auto repair shop. Years later, his passion for electronics, computers, and automotive mechanics motivated him to graduate in Mechanical Engineering and venture into the sales of automotive equipment. For years Damaso worked as a technical advisor assisting car dealerships, tire shops, and even the plants of Toyota and Mitsubishi that operate in his country. He has over 25 years of experience reporting on topics ranging from DIY jobs, technological analysis, automotive news, and more. He is a wealth of information and a valued member of our team.