Case Study: 2009 Honda Civic Gets 45 MPG at 55 MPH

| Last Updated: July 14, 2020

Checking in again after a weekend trip to Houston, TX. 12.99 gallons got me 590.5 miles in my 2009 Civic LX (automatic), for an average of 45.458 mpg. About 550 miles of this was highway driving, at speeds of 50-60 mph (depending on weather, road conditions, traffic flow, etc), with about 40 miles of city driving thrown in (I get about the advertised 25 mpg in the city). I have my iDrive55 window cling posted on my rear driver's side window for passing cars to see.

An ex-salesman of industrial equipment, Shawn used to drive nearly 60K miles a year just commuting to clients. He also has a little project Miata build going on the side. Safe to say, Shawn has slain a few tires in his days. He knows all about horrid road-noise, hydroplaning risks, and how much damage a bad alignment can do to your wallet. He enjoys helping us out and Chris always values his opinion when designing something new for the website.

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