Best Floor Mats For Ram 1500 – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated: December 29, 2021

When we think of modifying our trucks, floor mats aren't the first 'mod' that comes to mind. However, floor mats can transform the entire look of a vehicle's interior next to acting as a protective surface.

Floor mats might even be the best interior mod you should consider since you're getting so much use at a low price!

Comparison of the Best Floor Mats For a Ram 1500

  • Fit: Shape perfectly matches the contours of the floorboard
  • Protection: Floor carpet stays clean thanks to protection from raised side ridges
  • Material: Perfect blend of comfort and toughness from rubberized DuraGrip material
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  • Fit: Trim easily to customize and match to the contours of the floor
  • Protection: Deep dish design helps keep water, mud and debris from spilling over
  • Material: Very durable and minimum odour from advanced polymer rubber material
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  • Fit: Designed & made according to floor contours for a perfect fit
  • Protection: Slightly shorter side ridges but still keeps the mud & water within mat area
  • Material: Elastomeric material gives strength & durability in exchange of being hard
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  • Fit: Floorliner covers every important inch thanks to laser measured interior shape
  • Protection: Shoes & clothes are kept clean due to advanced surface channel design
  • Material: Super strong & rigid but with some plasticy feel from HDTE material
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  • Fit: Liners fit like a glove for all cab types
  • Protection: Edge to edge coverage and raised portions keep liquids off your shoes
  • Material: Thick, flexible rubber without a plastic feel that others have
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What to Look For When Buying Floor Mats

Stylistic Aspect

Because floor mats are a major part of the interior, they can add to the design by either staying neutral, unnoticeable or working with the color scheme and enhancing it. On the other hand, floor mats that go against the theme of the interior can ruin the entire design. 

Husky Liners X-act Contour: 09-18 Crew Cab

Fitment for the Ram 1500

Fitment might be the most crucial point to consider while buying floor mats. The ones that fit excellent won't present a problem, but floor mats that are too large or too small can create trouble. Large floor mats can either create bumps or move around and get stuck behind the pedals, which is dangerous. You might have to cut them, and that can turn out unsightly, or you might have to buy new floor mats. On the other hand, small floor mats won't protect the floor from dirt and debris.

The Material of the Floor Mats

Floor mats are most usually made from rubber, plastic, and cloth. Rubber floor mats are most common since they are easy to clean, they stick well to the floor, and they have a neutral design. Plastic mats are similar to rubber, while cloth floor mats give off a warm feeling, but they are hard to clean.

Review of the Best Floor Mats For a Ram 1500

Let's take a look at this year's top picks:

Best Dodge Ram 1500 Rubber Floor Mats:
Husky Liners X-act Contour: 09-18 Crew Cab

Husky Liners — X-ACT Contour | 2009 - 2023 Dodge Ram (19-23 1500 Classic Body), 2010 - 2018 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Crew Cab w/ Automatic Transmission , Front & 2nd Row Liners - Black, 3 pc. | 53608


  • Non-bulky, thin, and flexible material
  • Raised mat edges for extra protection
  • Each liner perfectly forms to the contours
  • Soft and strong rubber designed for comfort
  • Retention posts don't allow the mats to move


  • A few customers claim that the mats aren't flush with the floor

What Materials Are These Made From?

The Husky Liners floor mats for the Dodge Ram 1500 are made from DuraGrip rubber material. The material feels soft and tough at the same time, providing a comfortable driving experience. The rubber is flexible, but it doesn't lose its original form.

What Type of Ram Owner Are These Best For?

These floor mats are generally an excellent choice for every Ram 1500 owner. They protect the floor quite well from dirt, debris, as well as liquids. The Husky Liners mats are designed from softer rubber with comfort in mind. If you like the look and the feel of rubber, the Husky Liners floor mats are an exceptional choice.

Should I Choose a Different Option in this List?

The Husky Liners floor mats don't have many drawbacks. Therefore, every Ram 1500 owner will enjoy them. But, they are more soft and flexible compared to most other rubber floor mats. The Husky Liners are also thin, so if you enjoy more bulky, rigid floor mats, another product from this list might be a better choice.

Bottom Line

Every Ram 1500 owner will enjoy resting their feet on the soft rubber designed for comfort. The Husky Liners don't stand out, but they complement the interior quite well. Cleaning these floor mats takes no more than five minutes!

Motor Trend OF-933-BK Black Deep Dish Rubber Floor Mats

Motor Trend FlexTough Floor Mats for Cars, Black Deep Dish All-Weather Car Mats, Waterproof Trim-To Fit Automotive Floor Mats for Cars Trucks SUV, Universal Floor Liner Car Accessories


  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Excellent product for a low price tag
  • The flexible and tough rubber won't bend
  • Durable, odorless polymer rubber material
  • Deep dish design provides complete protection


  • The mats can slide a bit
  • You will have to cut and match the floor mats to your truck

What Materials Are These Made From?

The Motor Trend floor mats are made from polymer rubber. Polymer rubber is a very durable material that doesn't keep in the odors, even if you don't clean the mats for a long time. The floor mats have a deep dish design that keeps the dirt, debris, and liquids in place.

What Type of Ram Owner Are These Best For?

The universal Motor Trend floor mats are excellent if you are handy and you wish to save a bit of money. The mats protect the floor quite well with the deep-dish design; they're quite comfortable and stylish. The Motor Trend floor mats are perfect if you don't mind doing a little extra work.

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List?

These rubber mats aren't designed for the Ram 1500 exactly. Since they are universal, they cost quite a bit less in comparison to other floor mats. However, if you choose to purchase the Motor Trend floor mats, you will have to cut and shape them to your truck. Unless you are handy, another option on this list might be a better choice.

Bottom Line

The Motor Trend floor mats are made from high-quality polymer rubber. They provide you with durability, protection from debris, liquids, and odors. These floor mats are exceptional, considering the price tag.

Best for the Money:
Gator Accessories 79602: 09-18 Crew Cab

Gator 79602 Black Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners Fits 09-18 Ram 1500 Crew Cab, 10-18 Ram 2500/3500 Crew Cab, 2019-21 Ram 1500 Classic Crew Cab


  • Extremely low price
  • The floor mats are a perfect fit
  • The cleats keep the mats in place
  • The mat is shaped to retains liquids
  • High quality, strong and durable material


  • Useful on carpet floors only

What Materials Are These Made From?

The Gator Black Liners are made from Elastomeric material. The material is extremely strong and durable, but at the same time, hard. The spikes underneath and the hard material prevent the floor mats from moving around. The Gator floor mats might become uncomfortable if you're driving for long periods every day.

What Type of Ram Owner Are These Best For?

The Gator Black Liners are excellent, high-quality floor mats sold at a great price! If you want to save a bit of money but still purchase mats that fit the Ram 1500, protect the floor, and are easy to clean, the Gator Accessories floor mats are perfect for you. 

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List?

As mentioned before, the Gator Accessories floor mats are made of hard plastic. The plastic doesn't have many drawbacks, but if you spend an extensive amount of time driving your Ram 1500, it might become uncomfortable. To avoid fatigue, invest in comfortable rubber floor mats mentioned in this list.

Bottom Line

Protection, fitment, easy cleaning, and installation; The Gator Black Liners will provide you with everything you're looking for in floormats at a low price! 

Best Weathertech Floor Mats Dodge Ram 1500:
WeatherTech Custom Fit FloorLiner

WeatherTech Custom Fit FloorLiners for Ram Truck 2500/3500, Ram 1500, Ram 2500/3500, Ram Truck 1500-1st & 2nd Row (444781-442163), Black


  • Easy cleaning
  • Complete floor coverage
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Rigid friction won't let your feet slip
  • Retention posts keep the floor mats in place
  • Unique surface design won't dirty your shoes


  • The color of mats can fade over a long period of time

What Materials Are These Made From?

The WeatherTech floor mats are made from HDTE (High-Density Tri-Extruded) material. The HDTE is quite strong and durable, with a rigid surface. The floor mats won't allow your feet to slip, but the mats' design carries dirt, debris, and fluids to a reservoir. The only drawback of the material is that the color might fade after long periods.

What Type of Ram Owner Are These Best For?

The WeatherTech floor mats are extremely easy to install and clean. They completely cover the floor, catching anything that you might spill. Made from thermoplastic elastomer, the material is odorless, and due to its design, nothing gets stuck. The WeatherTech floor mats are available in four different colors so that you can match them with your Ram 1500 interior!

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List?

It isn't common, but a few customers have reported that the rear floor mats aren't a perfect fit. For someone who drives passengers in the back seats often, this could potentially present a problem. Also, if you live in a climate with constant snow, the salts can become stuck in the floor mats, and it could take a bit of effort to clean.

Bottom Line

The WeatherTech are exceptional floor mats for the Ram 1500 trucks. They come in four different colors; they cover and protect every inch of the floor. The WeatherTech floor mats are designed to last a long time, so you won't ever have to worry about purchasing another floor mats!

Best Mopar Floor Mats Ram 1500:
Dodge Ram Crew Cab Black High Wall All Weather Floor Mats ('13-17)

2013-2017 Dodge Ram Crew Cab Black High Wall All Weather Floor Mats OEM Mopar


  • Durable, thick, flexible rubber
  • Retainer posts keep the mats in place
  • The mats keep the dirt, debris, and liquids in place
  • The mats fit perfectly, completely covering the floor
  • Designed for Ram 1500 specifically, with the beautiful logo


  • Rear floor mats are a 2-piece unit
  • Challenging installation compared to other floor mats

What Materials Are These Made From?

The Mopar floor mats for the Ram 1500 are made out of thick, flexible rubber. Odors and debris don't stick to the rubber, so you can clean them without hassle. The rubber mats are also quite durable. Mopar included the Ram logo into the mats wonderfully to remind you what you're driving.

What Type of Ram Owner Are These Best For?

The Mopar floor mats are all-around excellent. They are made for the '13-'17 model years Dodge Ram exactly, so they fit perfectly. The floor mats are quite stylish, with the Dodge Ram logo on each floor mat. Great product without any major drawbacks created with Dodge Ram owners in mind.

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List?

A few people were unhappy with the 2-piece back floor mats unit, mentioning that the installation took a bit more effort. People also mentioned that the back pieces weren't a perfect fit. Unless you mind spending a few more minutes putting the floor mats together, you should have no issues with the Mopar floor mats.

Bottom Line

Mopar made these floor mats with Dodge Ram 1500 owners in mind. If you're looking for stylish, protective, and durable rubber floor mats, the Mopar floor mats are an excellent choice!

Perks of Getting New Rubber Floormats For Your Ram 1500

Rubber mats are created from heavy-duty rubber that protects against the elements and doesn't soak up liquids. New rubber mats will give your Ram 1500 the look of a brand new truck. The floor mats might look subtle, but the quality texture will transform the entire look of the interior!

Cleaning Rubber Floor Mats

One of the significant perks of rubber floor mats is how easy they are to clean. Compared to cloth floor mats, dirt and debris don’t get stuck inside the fiber. Also, if you accidentally spill your drink, it won't get soaked up. To clean them, you just have to spray them down with a hose. 


Rubber materials last a long time. Brand new rubber mats might even outlast the life of your truck. They can still get damaged, but the impact of the damage will be small, most likely unnoticeable.

Comfort and Safety

Planting your feet on the floor for long periods can be painful. The resilient rubber provides just enough cushion to reduce fatigue. The rubber will also stick to the floor, and you won't have to worry about the pedals getting stuck.

Motor Trend OF-933-BK Black Deep Dish Rubber Floor Mats


Floor mats are an excellent interior modification. With the floor mats we discussed, you'll improve the style of your Ram 1500, and you can keep it clean with ease. These five floormats are of the highest quality; they might even outlive your truck! Choose the mats that sound the most appealing and enjoy driving in comfort and style!

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