Best Mud Flaps For Ram 1500 in 2021

The Ram 1500 is a beautiful truck, and it takes a lot of effort to keep it that way. Mud flaps help out by catching the dirt kicked up off the road, keeping your truck clean.

Mud flaps also protect your vehicle from scratches, dings, and corrosion from ice or salt during the winter.

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Comparison of the Best Mud Flaps For Ram 1500

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Are Mud Flaps Universal?

Most usually, mud flaps are not universal. However, universal mud flaps exist, but they require cutting and drilling to fit onto your vehicle. A great example would be the Dee Zee DZ1808 Brite-tread aluminum universal mud flaps.

Since they aren’t manufactured to fit your truck exactly, they are susceptible to user error while cutting or drilling. They are an excellent choice if they fit your truck without cutting since they are cost-effective. 

Mud flaps are made to fit specific trucks, sometimes even model years of a specific truck. They are simpler to install, more aesthetically pleasing, and more effective, but they cost a bit more.

How to Choose a Set of Mud Flaps


Mud flaps are usually made from plastic, aluminum, and heavy-duty rubber. Each material has its advantages. – Plastic mud flaps offer a great choice of designs, but they might be a bit less durable and less customizable than rubber. Aluminum mud flaps are durable next to looking excellent if aluminum’s silver color fits your truck.


Mud flaps can be purchased in a kit and front or rear wheels only. Depending on your needs or the design you’re going for, make sure you purchase the right pair. Also, double-check if the mud flaps you wish to purchase are made for your model year truck.

WeatherTech 110024-120024 Mud Flaps 09-18


Depending on your conditions, you might need heavy mud flaps. Heavy mud flaps stay in place during strong winds or storms, protecting your fenders. On the other hand, they make your truck heavier, but only by a marginal amount.


Certain mud flaps require you to drill into your truck before you can mount them. If you ever decide to remove the mud flaps in the future, you will be left with open holes on your truck.


There is a great number of designs of mud flaps. Splash guards can make your truck look meaner, but splash guards may also look tacky. Rubber flaps are more customized, while plastic ones offer a lot more (generic) designs.

Review of the Best Ram 1500 Mud Flaps

These mud flaps will make your Ram 1500 look beautiful while keeping the truck clean!

Best Weathertech Mud Flaps Ram 1500:WeatherTech 110024-120024 Mud Flaps 09-18

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  • Wide mud flaps with great coverage
  • Made from durable thermoplastic material
  • Match the Ram 1500 fenders, and they fit perfectly
  • WeatherTech feature the Quickturn Fastening System
  • Mounted installation without removing tires or drilling


  • Vague mounting and installation instructions
  • Requires you to remove the plastic rock guards that came with the truck

How Well Do These Fit

The WeatherTech mud flaps fit the Dodge Ram 1500 perfectly. They could be a bit longer and cover down lower. The thermoplastic fits with an aesthetically pleasing outcome, conforming with the vehicle. For additional stability, you have the option of drilling a third hole through the plastic part.

Who Are These Best For

WeatherTech mud flaps require little to no hassle to install and fit, but you will have to remove the plastic rock guards. They offer a great look, and the small modification adds to your Ram 1500, resulting in a ‘fuller’ look. WeatherTech mud flaps are made from a durable thermoplastic, but they may get damaged if they catch on a curb or similar barrier.

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List

These WeatherTech mud flaps offer an excellent look, with simple installation and great, wide-coverage protection. The only reason to look for a different mud flap kit would be your weather conditions. WeatherTech mud flaps won’t hold up under constant exposure to heavy rains or heavy snow.

Bottom Line

If you own a Ram 1500, you cannot go wrong with the WeatherTech mud flaps. They offer everything you would look for; No hassle installation, great coverage, durability, and perfectly match the fenders!

Best Mud Flaps for Ram 1500 With Fender Flares:ECOTRIC Molded Mud Flaps for 09-18

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  • Quick ten-minute installation
  • Durable even under extreme conditions
  • The package includes mounting hardware
  • Excellent protection against water, mud, dirt, and rocks
  • The mud flaps look like they were meant to be on a Ram 1500


  • The fitment isn’t perfect; it leaves slight gaps

How Well Do These Fit

The ECOTRIC Molded Mud Flaps fit the Ram 1500 decently. They don’t quite fit perfectly, as they leave slight gaps. However, the gaps are barely even noticeable. The mud flaps give off a great, sturdy look. They beat off dirt and debris without a problem since the thermoplastic pads are wide and long.

Who Are These Best For

When it comes to installation, even a novice can install the ECOTRIC Molded mud flaps. They offer a beefy yet stylish look, but the fitment isn’t perfect. The ECOTRIC mud flaps are extremely durable and superb for rainy and snowy conditions thanks to the splash guards. 

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List

The ECOTRIC Molded Mud Flaps don’t have many drawbacks. They are durable, stylish, and they protect the fenders quite well. However, you should make sure that they match your truck before purchasing them. Because they might not fit, and you will either have to modify them yourself or return them. 

Bottom Line

These mud flaps match the style of the Ram 1500 perfectly. They also offer great protection with broad pads and splash guards. The ECOTRIC mud flaps are a wonderful product at a great price!

Best Diamond Plate Mud Flaps for Ram 1500:Dee Zee DZ1808 Brite-Tread Universal Mud Flaps

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  • Lifetime Warranty on the product
  • Wide flaps offer excellent protection
  • Beautiful look of brite-tread aluminum
  • Durable mud flaps made from non-rusting aluminum


  • The drilled holes aren’t universal
  • You will need to purchase the installation hardware separately

How Well Do These Fit

The Dee Zee Brite-Tread Universal Mud Flaps are a decent fit on the Dodge Ram 1500. However, they are universal, which means that you might have to cut them a bit since they are long. The mud flaps are 12″ wide, so nothing will get through and damage your fenders.

Who Are These Best

The Dee Zee mud flaps are extremely durable since they are made of non-rusting aluminum. They also offer excellent protection and a great look. Novices should mostly avoid the Dee Zee mud flaps since they are a bit more troublesome to install. – You might need to cut them and drill into your truck for better fitment.

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List

If you’re after durability and extreme protection, the Dee Zee brite-tread mud flaps are an excellent choice. But, if you’re going for aesthetics, and you don’t enjoy the silver look of aluminum, a different product on this list should cover your needs a bit better. Also, if you’re not handy and crafty, fitting the Dee Zee mud flaps will give you trouble.

Bottom Line

These beautifully styled brite-tread aluminum mud flaps will protect your Ram 1500 from everything; dirt, debris, water, rock, and snow. With these mud flaps, you won’t have to worry about durability!

Best Mud Flaps for Ram 1500 With Running Boards Husky Liners Mud Flaps: Fits 09-18

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  • Wide and long coverage
  • Quick and easy installation
  • They fit the OEM fender flares
  • Wonderful and stylish looking mud flaps
  • Made from impact-resistant, thermoplastic material


  • Customers have reported that the plastic film wasn’t cut correctly. Instead, they had to do it themselves

How Well Do These Fit

The Husky Liners fit the Dodge Ram 1500 almost perfectly. The installation is super easy; you won’t even have to remove the fender flares. The mud flaps fit right over the factory flares, and they don’t touch the nerf bars. For a sturdier feel and better support, use the third screw to hold the mud flaps.

Who Are These Best For

The Husky Liners mud flaps are an excellent all-around choice and a great addition to the Ram 1500. They look stylish, fit perfectly over the fender flares, and are quite durable even under extreme conditions. The only complaint is the customer service. – Few customers have received mud flaps that weren’t cut correctly, and few customers have received different mud flaps to the ones they ordered.

Should I Choose a Different Option in This List

These mud flaps are suited for everyone and almost every condition. The installation is quite simple; you won’t even have to remove the tires. The Husky Liners also look quite stylish, with great protective coverage. The only reason you might avoid the Husky Liners is if you drive in constant extreme conditions. And if you do, Dee Zee Brite-tread aluminum mud flaps will be an excellent choice!

Bottom Line

The Husky Liners fit the Dodge Ram 1500 very well, resulting in a powerful look. The mud flaps will also protect your truck from any dirt and debris. To top it all off, the installation takes no more than a few minutes!

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How to Install Mud Flaps on Your Ram 1500

Hardware required: breaker bar, socket wrench, screwdriver, a hammer, a drill, and the bolts that came with the mud flaps. 

  1. To begin, loosen the lug nuts on the tires with the breaker bar. From there, raise your vehicle with jack stands (or a lift) and make sure that it is well supported. Finish removing the lug nuts and take off the tires, you might need to hit them once or twice with a hammer. After removing the tires, remove the two screws located on the lower side of the fender and the two bolts located behind the tire. 
  2. Drill out, or widen the holes on the mud flaps (only if it’s necessary). Take the mud flaps, put the bolts through the holes you just drilled out, and fit them onto the two holes behind the tire. Take the socket and tighten the bolts, make sure to align them properly. Also, don’t over tighten the bolts since it’s only plastic and rubber.
  3. For the third hole, the mud flaps are already aligned, and you can drill safely into the plastic part of your truck. It will add more stability, but it isn’t necessary, so you don’t have to drill into your truck. Thread in the bolt without tightening them too much.

Reinstall the wheel, and repeat the whole process on the other side. For more detailed instructions, take a look at the video down below!


Mud flaps are an excellent addition to every truck. They look especially good on the Ram 1500! The splash guards we listed are the best of the best; They will protect your truck from dirt, rocks, water, and snow without being too much of a hassle to install. These mud flaps are made from high-quality materials, making them extremely durable. You won’t know what you’re missing until you purchase a set of mud flaps and install them onto your Ram 1500!

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