BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A Reviews – A 2021 Analysis

| Last Updated: June 11, 2021

Finding an all-terrain tire that offers quality, durability, and good performance is no easy task, especially when your budget is limited.

Fortunately, BFGoodrich has successfully designed an OE-quality tire that brings all of these advantages together, the excellent Rugged Trail T/A. 

This review will check whether this tire is a good alternative for thousands of SUVs and light truck owners requiring an unsurpassed price-value ratio.

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TL;DR: BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A

Before starting this review, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this tire.

BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A



  • Unrivaled value

  • Good wet and dry performance

  • Comfort and ride quality above the average OE tire
  • Not the best in snow/ice

  • Since it is an OE tire, its ratings cannot be compared to those of its rivals focused on the enthusiast market

Best For

Drivers of light trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps looking for an OE replacement all-terrain tire with adequate performance for daily use

BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A Performance Ratings

If you have any doubts about the reliability of a tire's ratings, all you have to do is check the number of miles reported. In the case of the BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A, its 40M+ reported miles and more than 1.3k reviews clear any doubts in this regard. However, this is a tire that ranks 28 out of 29 in the On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tires segment despite its highly dependable ratings.

These results call for further inspection of the performance of the BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A in different categories. Below is a list of these categories in case you wish to jump directly to any of them.

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BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A Off-Road Performance

Off-Road Overall: 6.1

Dirt Performance: 6.8

Sand Performance: 5.8

Mud Performance: 5.1

Rock Performance: 6.8

A crucial aspect to understand the BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A ratings is that this is a tire designed and manufactured for Original Equipment (OE) use on many vehicles.

Having said that, considering that the BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A is an OE tire, its ratings in dirt, mud, sand, and rocks are quite adequate.

BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A Dry Performance

Dry Overall: 7.2

Cornering Stability: 6.8

Dry Traction: 7.7

Steering Response: 7.0

The comments made in the previous section about the OE nature of the BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A are confirmed by its dry performance. The BFG Rugged Trail T/A is a tire with a good level of traction, excellent steering response, and good cornering stability under normal city/highway conditions.

BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A Wet Performance

Wet Overall: 6.1

Hydroplaning Resistance: 6.1

Wet Traction: 6.2

While the wet performance of the BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A is not outstanding, it is also true that its ratings are in line with those expected for a quality tire that meets strict OE quality standards. If you are looking for an inexpensive all-terrain tire with adequate wet performance, the Rugged Trail T/A is a good option to consider.

BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A Snow / Ice Performance

Snow / Ice Overall: 5.3

Light Snow Traction: 5.8

Deep Snow Traction: 5.4

Ice Traction: 4.8

The BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A exhibits its lowest ratings in this category, which should come as no surprise. Keep in mind that the Rugged Trail T/A has a tread pattern that is more focused on daily use under average road conditions (dry/wet).

Simply put, if you are looking for a tire with good snow/ice performance, the BFG Rugged Trail T/A may not be the best choice.

BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A Comfort Performance

Overall Comfort: 7.4

Ride Quality: 7.4

Noise: 7.4

The tread design employed by BFG may not be the best in snow/ice, but it is certainly outstanding from a driving experience standpoint. In terms of overall comfort, ride quality, and noise, the BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A is one of the best all-terrain OE tires currently available.

BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A Treadwear Performance

Treadwear: 6.5

The excellent tread design and quality materials employed in the BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A allow it to score above many OE tires when it comes to durability. If you are looking for an OE tire with unbeatable value, then the Rugged Trail T/A will not disappoint.

BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A Warranty

Treadlife Warranty

BFG does not offer this type of warranty on this tire.

Uniformity Warranty

Complaints regarding these tires’ uniformity must be subscribed in the first year of use or the first 2/32" of wear.

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Workmanship / Materials Warranty

BFGoodrich provides a generous 6-year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials. Moreover, it also offers free tire replacement for the first year, 2/32" wear, or 25% wear.

Road Hazard Warranty

Unfortunately, none.

Tire Rack Road Hazard Warranty

On top of the amazing tread life warranty offered by BFGoodrich, this tire features Tire Rack's leading warranty that covers refunds of up to $40 for repairs per tire per occurrence. Moreover, if the tire suffers non-repairable damage within the first 2 years, a refund of the original purchase price or replacement purchase price (whichever is less) will be made.

Since the BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A is an OE tire, it only offers the standard BFG warranty. Nevertheless, the excellent quality of this tire is the best warranty you can ask for daily driving applications.

BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A Specs & Options

As expected, market coverage of the BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A is limited. This tire is only available in P265/70R16 and 17-inch rims with widths of 245 or 265. In total, 5 sizes corresponding to those of the vehicles that come fitted with them. As for its UTQG has a rating of 400 A B, which is in accordance with its intended use. If you want to know more about this rating, we suggest you read this article.

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BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A Reviews

One of the issues that most drivers are concerned about when replacing their OE tires is what is the best course of action, buying the same tires or upgrading to a higher performance tire? There is no wrong answer to that question. However, judging by the reviews we have analyzed, the vast majority of drivers are delighted with the BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A.

In terms of durability, there are countless comments from drivers who have used this tire for over 70k miles, even over 100k miles which is amazing considering their ratings. From a performance standpoint, it only confirms the analysis we have done so far. They have excellent dry performance and unsurpassed ride quality.

All in all, after analyzing in detail the user reviews of the BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A, we have no doubt that it is an excellent OE tire replacement.

End of the Road

Once again, BFGoodrich has demonstrated why it is a leading brand on the market. The Rugged Trail T/A is without a doubt a tire that takes OE standards to the next level. If you currently drive an SUV, light truck, or Jeep and need a durable and inexpensive OE-level tire, the Rugged Trail T/A will not disappoint.


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