Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack Review

| Last Updated: May 14, 2021

The Turanza QuietTrack excels with luxury passenger and SUV owners looking for a tire that will last a respectable distance. Integrated quiet-tracks, pitch sequencing, and optimized shoulders ensure this tire tops the charts for a quiet ride, too. Bridgestone offers an excellent all-around performer at a reasonable (but not budget) price point.

TL;DR: Turanza QuietTrack

Exceptionally Quiet
Great traction in wet and dry
80K mile warranty
Reasonable Cost
Not ideal in ice or deep snow
Relatively ‘new’ tire
Not a ‘cheap’ tire
Best For: Passenger cars & SUVs that do not see winter extremes

Turanza QuietTrack Performance Ratings

The QuietTrack only has about 375K miles reported, which equates to only about 12 30K-mile experiences. With this in mind, review the performance ratings below with caution.

Despite low mileage reported, the QuietTrack ranks 2nd among 57 Grand Touring All-Season tires implying that this may be an excellent up-and-coming choice!

Let’s take a deeper dive into this tire’s performance and ratings. Tap on an option below to hop to that section, or keep scrolling to read through them all:

Turanza QuietTrack Dry Performance

Dry Overall: 9.4

Cornering Stability: 9.3

Dry Traction 9.5

Steering Response: 9.4

A 4.7 in the overall dry performance is stellar, especially among these Grand Touring All-Season choices – only two other tires achieved the same score and none above that. All of the related dry traction scores are also fantastic.

You should expect comparable or significantly improved (if switching from another Grand Touring All-Season) behavior from the QuietTrack in dry conditions.

Turanza QuietTrack Wet Performance

Wet Overall: 9.3

Hydroplaning Resistance: 9.3

Wet Traction: 9.3

Consistent 9.3 scores across each Wet Performance category is another solid win for the QuietTrack. It proves to be extremely resilient to hydroplaning and instills confidence in rainy conditions.

Turanza QuietTrack Snow Performance

Snow / Ice Overall: 8.5

Light Snow Traction: 9.3

Deep Snow Traction: 8.2

Ice Traction: 7.9

An 8.5 overall for winter conditions proves this tire is relatively dependable compared to other Grand Touring All-Season tires – but 6 other options did score higher.

Being an All-Season (and not a specific winter tire), its no surprise that the deep snow and ice traction scores are lower. However, this trend is consistent in this tire category and these scores are still great.

Expect no issues in light flurries and 1-3” of standing snow, but be cautious on anything more – or in icy conditions.

Turanza QuietTrack Comfort Performance

Overall Comfort: 9.6

Ride Quality: 9.6

Noise: 9.5

The Turanza QuietTrack takes the cake in the GTAS category for overall comfort, no other tire scored a 9.6 or greater. 

Another notable win is the 9.5 score for noise – the closest competitor (the Pirelli Cinurato P7) scored a 9.2, with most other tires being below 9. Looks like QuietTrack lives up to it’s name here.

Ride quality of a 9.6 is fantastic compared to its competitors as well. Only one other tire scored the same, and none higher – most range from 8.8-9.3.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable, quietest Grand Touring All-Season tire, this is IT.

Turanza QuietTrack Treadwear Performance

Treadwear: 9.4

Another victory: The QuietTrack ranks highest among its competition with only one close second, a 9.3 for the Michelin CrossClimate2. Every other tire scored 9.0 or lower.

Expect great range from these tires!

Turanza QuietTrack Warranty

Treadlife Warranty

Bridgestone offers a 5 year, 80,000 mile warranty on this tire – a very generous deal.

Uniformity Warranty

Uniformity complaints must be submitted within the first 2/32” of treadwear (standard). 

Workmanship / Materials Warranty

A 5 Year (3 Year free replacement, then prorated until 2/32” remaining) warranty is offered by Bridgestone, again, a very generous timeframe to work with.

Road Hazard Warranty

Unfortunately, Bridgestone offers no such warranty on this tire. However….

Tire Rack Road Hazard Warranty

Tire Rack offers an industry-leading warranty for this tire. They reimburse repairs up to $40 per tire, per occurrence. Additionally, a 2 year warranty will cover the original purchase price or replacement purchase price if the tire is damaged by road debris (and not repair-able).

Turanza QuietTrack Specs & Options

The QuietTrack is available for wheel sizes from 15-20”, although the majority of sizes are 16-19”. Width options range from 195-255. The tire receives a UTGQ rating of 800 A A. You can learn more about what this means here.

Turanza QuietTrack Reviews

As mentioned previously, the Turanza QuietTrack only has about 375K reported miles, which isn’t enough in our eyes to call these standings ‘final’. 

However, there are 97 reviews currently.

Of those, only 7 claim to be over 12,000 miles into the tire. Considering the 800 UTGQ treadwear rating and the extremely positive reviews in the Treadwear Performance category, we suspect this is only because the tire has not been on the road long enough.

Of those 97 reviews, 68 classify themselves as Average or Easy Going, which is no huge surprise for a Grand Touring All-Season tire. But with 29 considering themselves Spirited Drivers and the exceptional performance ratings, the QuietTrack can definitely roll with the punches.

End of the Road

The Turanza QuietTrack delivers great dry and wet traction, and reviewers’ claims of its silence keeps it true to its name.

Bridgestone is a well trusted brand and offers some exceptional warranties for this tire. Do not hesitate to get yourself a set if you’re in the market for a well rounded All-Season tire.

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