How To Measure Tire Chains – A 2021 Guide

Tire chains are best suited for places that experience a lot of snow and have icy roads. In these moments, the moment you try to drive your car on a slippery icy road, your safety is at risk. 

Getting tire chains makes it easier to maneuver your vehicle on icy roads; you want to be sure that the chains’ grip will stop the car from swaying and protect everyone inside.

In this article, we’ll explore tire chain size and why you must find the perfect fit.

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How To Measure Tire Chains

Usually, a set of tire chains (which is enough for two tires) has a designated tire size it’s made to fit. There are exceptions, where your set is either small or a bit large; this allows you to adjust the chains for a tight fit. The best sets allow you to remove some links to reduce the size if there’s a need.

For a custom fit, there are various ways to measure your tire chains.

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Know the Size of Your Tires

Before finding the perfect chains for your tires, you should determine if your tires are suitable for chain usage. You can check this by looking through your owner’s manual, in case there’s a warning against chain use.

On the side of your tires, there are a set of numbers that you should mark down. The first measurement is the tire width and the second is the tire height. Lastly, the third is the diameter of the tire in inches. You can use this information to purchase the proper type of chains.

Here’s a video that offers another alternative to finding your tire size:

Features You Want From Your Tire Chains

Tire chains have different features to accommodate various environments, such as icy roads and weather conditions. Make sure that you don’t buy tire chains that are cheaper and less effective at keeping you safe.

You can consider several factors, including:

Easy Installation