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What is Drive 55?

Did your last set of tires not fit the bill? Looking for something longer lasting, or better in the wet, snow, or other conditions? Looking for a cheaper tire for the track?

You’ve come to the right place with Drive 55. We’ve built a huge guide of tire reviews and analysis, so you can find the best products for your needs.

We spend our days carefully scouring the web to find information about the best tires, compiling data, and systematically comparing them, so you don’t have to.

After all, investing in a good set of tires is one of the best ways to keep you safe. As fellow car enthusiasts, that’s our mission.

Why You Can Trust Us 

Wondering why you can trust the team at Drive 55? Tires are no small investment, and your car is an even larger one.

Thankfully for you, our team is made up of car lovers dedicated to finding the best treads to grip the road to get us all safely to our destination. 

We’ve committed our career to writing high-quality buyer guides that are easily digestible. Take a trip down our comprehensive platform to find the best tires for your car.

Meet Our Team 

When it comes to meeting our team, there’s one thing we’re sure of: you won’t be disappointed.

Our team consists of car enthusiasts that are passionate about driving on the open road. When it comes to tire reviews, we will always steer you in the right direction.

Chris | Owner

“I’ve been a certified ASE Master Technician since 2008. I am mostly retired these days (still an odd job here and there) but wanted to stay involved with my industry.

From my experience I know lots of people could benefit from just having some basic understanding of car maintenance and tools, so I decided to provide tons of helpful guides for automotive beginners!

I generally make sure the site is covering the correct topics and our Team has everything they need.”

Damaso | Writer

For years Damaso worked as a technical advisor assisting car dealerships, tire shops, and even the plants of Toyota and Mitsubishi that operate in his country.

He has over 25 years of experience reporting on topics ranging from DIY jobs, technological analysis, automotive news, and more.

He is a wealth of information and a valued member of our team.

Shawn | Writer

An ex-salesman of industrial equipment, Shawn used to drive nearly 60K miles a year just commuting to clients. He also has a little project Miata build going on the side.

Safe to say, Shawn has slain a few tires in his days. He knows all about horrid road noise, hydroplaning risks, and how much damage a bad alignment can do to your wallet.

He enjoys helping us out and Chris always values his opinion when designing something new for the website.

Violet | Editor

A recent college grad from UT, Violet now holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism and is an astute editor. Her father loves his classics so she’s been around cars since she was a toddler. She makes sure our site is clean as a whistle and everything makes sense!

Steven | Brand Manager

Known as the “web guy” behind the scenes, Steven keeps the technical aspects up and running and has been our brand manager since the early days. His favorite hobbies include golf and spending time with his basset hound, Hank.

If you’re interested in collaborating on behalf of a brand or related-website, feel free to reach out via steven(at)Drive55.org. Note, this is not for guest post inquiries, and such requests will be “accidentally overlooked”.

How Does This All Work? 

When it comes to writing in-depth reviews, the process can be quite the undertaking. We begin by understanding the tire market and the different terminologies and trends.

Once we find the best tires to review, we band together to write comprehensive articles and buyer guides that will intrigue our audience and add value to your shopping experience. 

We polish up the articles, provide edits where necessary, and publish them for your reading pleasure.

How Are Products Chosen? 

Choosing tires to review is a complex process because we can’t necessarily test them all. This means that we have to scour the internet and find information from manufacturers, forums, and other sources and compile them in one, easily digestible piece. We choose products that are trending or that other car-enthusiasts recommend. 

Some of our favorite forums to look through are Autos.ca and Automotive Forums

Who Writes Content? 

Our content writers are all car enthusiasts that drive different types, makes, and models of vehicles so that we can offer a wide variety of reviews to our audiences. The content creators that we’ve chosen are passionate about writing and scouring the website for information.

How Does Drive 55 Make Money? 

How we make money can be a little confusing for people that are new to the scene. We can make money through ads, but we make most of our money through Amazon Affiliate links. The Amazon Affiliate program offers us a small commission when our audience purchases through the links we share on our website. 

Do We Get Paid to Review Products? 

No, we do not. We have been sent products with the purpose of reviewing them, but we haven’t been explicitly paid to review products. 

Do Brands Pay Us for Better Rankings? 

Absolutely not. We have built a strong rapport with our audience, and at Drive 55, we’re aware that that would damage this. Our online platform’s values are most important to us, and we wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize it

How to Get in Touch

You can contact us by emailing admin(at)Drive55.org, filling out the form on our contact page, or reaching out to us on any of our social media accounts. Links to our social accounts are below.

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Thanks for Visiting 

Thanks for taking the time to visit our online platform, Drive 55! We’re grateful for your company, and we hope you find a great set of tires through our reviews.

We would be happy to see you over on our social networking platforms. Feel free to engage with us or stay up to date with our new reviews.

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