Drive 55 – Save your Pocketbook and the Planet

| Last Updated: July 14, 2020

SACRAMENTO, CA - Long before most of us knew what it meant, Tim Castleman was "going green." He walked or rode a bike to get around -- and when he had to drive, he saved gas.

Boy, did he save.

"I got the lead out of my right foot and turned it into gold," said Castleman. "It's money in my pocket."

Castleman says he saves 50 percent over other drivers. That's what Castleman says he kept by keeping his speedometer at or under 55.

"Once you get used to it, it's a lot more relaxing, a lot less stressful," he said.

An ex-salesman of industrial equipment, Shawn used to drive nearly 60K miles a year just commuting to clients. He also has a little project Miata build going on the side. Safe to say, Shawn has slain a few tires in his days. He knows all about horrid road-noise, hydroplaning risks, and how much damage a bad alignment can do to your wallet. He enjoys helping us out and Chris always values his opinion when designing something new for the website.

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