Best Fender Flares For Tundras – 2021 Guide

If you’re looking to add a bit of aggression to your Toyota Tundra, nothing beats the appeal of fender flares.

Available in numerous designs and styles, these pieces of hardware bolt or clip right into the wheel, making this customization an easy upgrade for even the most novice DIY mechanic. And with some added protection against dents, paint chips, and wheel well damage, as well as a way to accommodate larger wheels, fender flares offer a one-size-fits-all improvement to your Tundra.

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Comparison of the Best Fender Flares For Tundras

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Are All Fender Flares The Same?

Fender flares aren’t all the same. They come in a variety of styles for a Tundra, ranging from the sleek and inconspicuous to the rough and rugged. Yet all styles provide at least a baseline level of protection while also a bit of allure to your Tundra’s exterior. Here are the basic fender flare categories:

  • Extended Style: Extended style flares reach out further away from the fender than all other options, offering maximum protection and a striking aesthetic.

  • Pocket Style: Pocket style fender flares are more subtle than extended flares, but offer a similar level of protection and appearance.

  • Street Style: Street style fender flares are unobtrusive and sleek while also combining decent protection coverage that blends with the vehicle.

  • OE Style: OE style fender flares are designed to fit the specific contours of the Tundra, providing a fresh, custom shop appearance.

You may have also heard of bolt-on and foam rubber styles. These can fit into the categories above. Bolt-on fender flares have stainless steel rivets that make the fender flare appear as if it’s bolted onto the sheet metal. Foam rubber fender flares come in rolls and use an adhesive to adhere to the vehicle.


What Are Fender Flares For?

Fender flares are pieces of hard plastic designed to combine both an attractive exterior allure with added protection to the fender, especially for off-roading. As the tires spin, they can throw all kinds of debris and rocks into the fender and wheel well. In addition, oversized tires can rub against the wheel well. Fender flares aim to fix both of these issues while adding a statement.

Why Did These Fender Flares Make Our List? 

Fender flares span a wide array of prices and styles, making the shopping process difficult and sometimes tedious. As a result, you should look for certain characteristics common to the fender flares on the list. Here are just a few of the aspects of quality fender flares and why the ones below made our list.


Whether you have an entry-level Tundra trim or a truck on a lift kit, you want maximum coverage to guard against paint chips and wheel well damage. The fender flares on this list provide a range of coverage to ensure your Tundra stays in like-new condition. 

Ease of Installation

Some fender flare kits require drilling or additional hardware, making installation more difficult for novice DIYers. But the fender flares listed here come with everything you need, making installation a cinch.

Ikon Motorsports Pocket Rivet Style Fender Flares


With debris flying into them and harmful UV rays permeating the plastic each day, you want durable fender flares that can withstand this type of abuse. All of the fender flares mentioned are made of thick, high-quality, and UV-treated plastic to alleviate any concerns about cracking, chalking, or warping.


Nothing beats a strong warranty to put your mind at ease. If you’re unfamiliar with fender flare manufacturers, a warranty should put your concerns to rest.

Quick Take – Best Fender Flares For Tundra

In summary, here are the best fender flares for Tundra:

  1. Bushwacker Pocket Style Black Fender Flare
  2. Stampede Trail Riderz Fender Flare
  3. Ikon Motorsports Pocket Rivet Style Fender Flares

Review of the Best Fender Flares For Tundra 

Regardless of the aesthetic or level of protection, you’re going for, these Tundra fender flares should have just what you’re looking for. Here’s a glance at some of the best fender flares for all types of budgets and tastes.

Best Overall & Best Bushwacker Fender Flares Toyota Tundra:Bushwacker Pocket Style Black Fender Flare

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  • Pocket style for added coverage
  • Excellent aesthetic reported by users
  • Responsive customer service for any issues
  • Perfect fit that follows the contours of the Tundra
  • 100% UV-protected plastic to prevent cracking and chalking


  • Must drill into the sheet metal to install
  • Gaps may appear between the fender and the fender flare, which can lead to paint removal on the fender

What Recent Buyers Report

Made of strong molded plastic, buyers report that Bushwacker Pocket Style Black Fender Flares are rugged and durable while also adding a stunning look to the Tundra. Yet for the expense of these flares, other users stated that the installation process was taxing. In most cases, pre-installation plus installation took three to four hours—three to four times as long as installing other fender flares.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Bushwacker is a premium name in fender flares, creating durable and visibly stunning products. In addition, responsive customer service to help you install the flares, as well as a limited lifetime warranty, make this product a strong choice among other flares.  

Bottom Line

Budget-conscious buyers may find Bushwacker Pocket Style Black Fender Flares too costly, especially considering the lengthy installation process. However, the quality, durability, and exterior appearance make these fender flares a great purchase overall.

Runner-up:Stampede Trail Riderz Fender Flare

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  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Fits all three sizes of Tundra beds
  • Extended style for adding protection to fender
  • Compatible with oversized or larger aftermarket tires
  • Textured finish provides some depth to the visual effect of the Tundra


  • Holes may not line up exactly to the Tundra’s factory fender holes
  • Some users report the need for two people to complete the installation process

What Recent Buyers Report

Thanks to a textured, matte black finish, buyers are consistently happy with the aesthetic results of Stampede Trail Riderz Fender Flares. Plus, these fender flares also fit all three-bed sizes, eliminating any fitment issues, modifications, or second-guessing. While some had problems with installation and screw hole alignment, the overall consensus is positive.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Made from Stampede’s proprietary Tri-Blend Plastic, these fender flares can stand up to a beating from both the sun and debris. Installation doesn’t require any drilling, and the extended look makes a statement whether you’re on the street or off the road.

Bottom Line

Although Stampede isn’t one of the bigger names in fender flares, their Trail Riderz Fender Flares provide superior protection and a cool exterior touch that improves the look of a Toyota Tundra. But if you have hang-ups about the installation or you’re not a natural handyman, you may want to look elsewhere.

Best for the Money:Ikon Motorsports Pocket Rivet Style Fender Flares

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  • Faux rivets add a rugged look
  • Ideal for the budget-conscious
  • Made of high-quality propylene plastic
  • Affordable compared to similar products
  • Comes with labeled hardware for easy installation


  • Poorly translated (from Chinese) instructions
  • Fitment issues with location of screw holes in the flares

What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers report that Ikon Motorsports Pocket Rivet Style Fender Flares are perhaps the most affordable option of pocket style flares on the market, while also providing a rugged bolt-on look. However, the low price comes with a trade-off. Other buyers state the flare are flimsy compared to other brands, while the installation is a headache.

Why it Stands Out to Us

For the money, nothing is a better choice than these fender flares. A custom shop, factory-style finish with rivets also provides an excellent feature to the body of the Tundra and offers excellent protection in any terrain or condition.

Bottom Line

Ikon Motorsports Pocket Rivet Style Fender Flares are an economical option that combines both effective protection and a tough, bolt-on look. But while buyers will save money on these fender flares, the flimsiness of the product and installation problems may propel you to find a different choice.

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Editor’s Pick:DNA Motoring Pocket-Riveted Style Side Fender Flares

[amazon fields=”B076C6F5JQ” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]


  • No drilling or cutting required
  • Installs easily with added hardware
  • Smooth plastic surface allows for easy painting
  • Accommodates oversize wheel and tire packages
  • UV protection ensures no warping, chalking, or cracking


  • No adhesive leaves gaps between fender and flare
  • Flares rub against the body paint and remove it over time

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report that DNA Motoring Pocket-Riveted Style Side Fender Flares are a decent value buy. They’re easy to install, while also offering a sleek look and protection that only pocket flares can provide. However, a lack of adhesive and poorly made rubber seals require either replacements or modifications.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These fender flares provide the one-two punch of protection and aesthetic at a fraction of the cost. And with an inexpensive price point, these fender flares are all the more attractive to bargain hunters.

Bottom Line

While DNA Motoring Pocket-Riveted Style Side Fender Flares offer a value option, a lack of a warranty and fitment issues can be unnerving to potential buyers. But few other flares come with rivets at this price point, making it certainly worth a second look.

Comparison Overview 

With so many fender flare brands, choosing the right company isn’t as simple as it seems. However, Rough Country and Bushwacker are two of the most reputable brands in the industry. With stellar reviews across forums and online retailers, these two companies set the bar high. Here’s a comparison between the two giants in fender flares.

Rough Country Fender Flares vs Bushwacker Fender Flares

Bushwacker is perhaps the most well-known fender flare manufacturer in the U.S. Makers of the original bolt-on fender flare, Bushwacker products are both durable and pleasing to the eye. The company also prides itself on its Max Coverage product line. As the name implies, these provide the most coverage of any fender flare on the market without the need for modification to the sheet metal. With 50 years in business, Bushwacker has become synonymous with off-road and rugged fender flares.

Founded in 1986, Rough Country is another American-based manufacturer of fender flares. Similar to Bushwacker, the company specializes in fender flares and other suspension products for off-road vehicles. And with a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, Rough Country stands behind its products.


How to Install Fender Flares on Tundra

Unlike other aftermarket upgrades to vehicles, fender flares are relatively easy to install, even for a novice. But even if you’re somewhat handy, the first time installing fender flares might be troublesome. Use this step-by-step guide for a quick, streamlined way to install fender flares on your Tundra.

  1. Remove screws on the underside of the fender.
  2. Attach included bracket mounts with included screws (if necessary).
  3. Seat the seals to ensure proper water resistance between the fender and the flare.
  4. Line the screw holes up with the fender flare and hold the fender flare in place tightly. 
  5. Screw the fender flare into place, taking care not to tighten them too much. If possible, use the included screws for a better fit.
  6. If necessary, use the included tool to push the rubber seal into the fender flare.
  7. Loosen and tighten the screws to adjust how the flare rests on the vehicle.
  8. Repeat on all four wheels.

Note: You may have to remove mud flaps and decals to properly install the fender flares. Also, if you’re painting the flares, make sure to do so before installation.

For more information or a visual guide on how to install fender flares on a Tundra, check out the video below:


Get Your Tundra Rough and Ready

Whether you’re a street driver or an avid off-roading enthusiast, don’t underestimate the protective value of fender flares. Not only can you protect your investment, but your Tundra will look amazing to boot.

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People Also Ask

Even with simple installation and a high-quality product, you may still have questions about fender flares. To put your concerns to rest. Here are some of the most common questions that people also ask.

Are Fender Flares Worth it?

For a nominal investment, fender flares are definitely worth the cost. While they can add a striking appearance to the exterior of the Tundra, they can also prevent dings, dents, and other damage to your vehicle. Plus, they also conveniently cover existing scratches or rust, providing an even better aesthetic.

Do Fender Flares Make Rust Worse?

Most fender flares come with an adhesive or a seal that puts them tightly against the fender. However, not all fender flares are watertight. If you already have existing rust, the moisture caught between the flare and fender can exacerbate the problem. More expensive options may not have this issue. But if you opt for less expensive versions, you may have to remove the fender flares every so often to ascertain if corrosion is becoming an issue.


Can You Paint Fender Flares?

Regardless of the variety, all fender flares are paintable due to their plastic construction. Keep in mind that debris and rocks from driving can chip this paint away over time, but it’s a better trade-off than the same debris chipping the paint on the body.

Do You Have to Drill Holes For Fender Flares?

Many fender flares come with pre-drilled holes that line up with the existing screw holes in the sheet metal. However, these are for model-specific flares. If you buy a more affordable universal fender flare, chances are that these won’t come with pre-drilled holes. As a result, you’ll have to do some measurements to drill the holes in the proper spot.

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